William Campbell

Wil is an alumni of RMIT’s Industrial Design program who graduated in 2010. Wil has worked across a wide range of projects and industries; from wayfinding consultancies to working with multinational cosmetics companies, via robotic bands, pop-up retail spaces and road trips to Mongolia with a 3D printer.

Wil’s primary interest is in the intersectional nature of design as a practice – and in the license that grants practitioners to bring together disparate ideas, fields and people (this is code for, he likes that you get to take a tilt at whatever you want).

Notable past projects have included being a founding member of The Scale of Things, a design collective which worked on a number of projects with partners including The State of Design Festival, City of Melbourne, Sustainable Living Festival, and Craft Victoria.
Wil is one founding half of Progress Studio, which was a design startup that worked across a range of fields including educational product development, medical products and furniture.
During 2013 Wil drove from London to Siberia via Mongolia in a Nissan Micra with a 3D printer in the back; developing robotic instruments (which toured locally and internationally) with local artist Dylan Martorell.
Wil has been teaching at RMIT University in 3D printing and digital fabrication.

He’s also a self-proclaimed “massive nerd”.