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Studio Lecturer:                 Frank Feltham (RMIT)

Guest Lecturer:                  Joshua Batty (RMIT)

Research Partners:           Lian Loke (Design Lab, The University of Sydney) and Jodie McNeilly (Monash University)

Three key challenges for healthy sustainable living point to a pressing need for rethinking the design of devices and technologies to better support physical health and well-being. With the advent of the compact city, it is anticipated that a large proportion of the Australian population will be living in medium-to-high density housing. Statistics show that increasing life expectancy has resulted in an aging population crisis, with associated issues of health, work and housing. The third challenge is the minimization of physical activity due to a continual increase in the computerisation of work and leisure. These converging trends signal a rise in sedentary existences, with significant health implications in the physical, mental and social dimensions.

This design studio will examine the agency of the creative moving body to explore new applications for Wearable and On-body interactive technologies. The aim for your these wearable propositions is to encourage greater levels of creative meaningful physical activity, reduce sedentary lifestyles, and in turn improve health and well-being. You will engage in a design research process that enables you to firstly define a research question by undertaking a review of literature on theories, approaches and technologies for Wearable and On-body interactive devices for creative active living and physical health. A hot area of research and product development.

Whilst conducting this review you will participate in a number of workshops, in class time, that;

  • Create an awareness of the moving body through your own targeted movement activities
  • Use sensing technologies to take data samples, all of the software and technologies will be supplied
  • Look at techniques for converting this data into sound and visual displays, again the software will be supplied.
  • Assist with the writing and compilation of the design research report

Building on these workshops and your research question, you will develop your own Wearable and On-body concepts for creative active living and physical health. You will drive this creative project yourself with guidance from the lecturing staff, so there is quite a level of opportunity and responsibility. The intent of the studio is not to develop fully operable wearable technologies and devices. But rather innovative concepts that can be developed into an operable state at a later date. An alternative, if you seek support in developing the electronics and code for your wearable concept would be to do this studio in parallel with GRAP 2570, Electronic and Interactive prototyping, but this is not a prerequisite for this studio, nor will it have any bearing on the final grades.

The final outcomes for this studio will be,

  1. Wearable concepts in the form of high quality visual representations in poster form and physical prototypes using 3D printed and manual prototyping processes.
  2. A considered design report documenting all aspects of your design research process, unique to the Design In Research Context studio stream.