Lecturer: Emma Luke  

Tuesday 9.30 – 12.30 – Online (V-Practical)
Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 – Online (V-Practical)

This studio develops speculative scenarios for integrating IoT technologies into sports and performance apparel through wearable technology and flexible fabrication outcomes with Industry partner Ventou. Using a Product Service System (PSS) approach with strategic direction from Ventou, students will engage in a process of iterative concept development that balances complex materials, speculative technologies, and futures with the client’s key strategic directions. A PSS methodology allows for the holistic integration of competing concerns across possible new technologies, new materials, future scenarios and current or future markets. This studio links with Ventou’s aim to develop new products, scenarios and applications through design-led approaches that balance speculative technological capabilities with potential market development and user-orientated approaches. Ventou are a well-known Melbourne Cycling tech and apparel company with a long history of innovation. They are developing new products and integrated services utilising cutting edge interaction technologies. Students will use a PSS methodology (Product Service Systems) to develop wearable technology and apparel applications utilizing flexible fabrication processes for sportswear focused on health, performance and rehabilitation integrating embedded UX functions and technologies as outlined by the client. Ventou will provide the strategic direction of the studio based on their current and potential target markets. Working with a range of UX technologies students will develop new strategic concepts for the industry partner based on speculative scenarios for integrating these technologies into wearable technology and performance apparel for training, health, and rehabilitation applications in sport. Outcomes of this studio will include documentation of materials research, design development through an iterative process of matching new scenarios with materials capabilities, prototype proposals, presentation experience to clients-in particular, students will utilise Miro as a collaboration tool and 3d flexible fabrication software. Students will learn how to develop high-level concept development based on a client’s strategic R+D and present complex scenarios through visualisation and presentation techniques to Industry standard.

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This studio is On-line only