Tutor: Emma Luke

Tuesday 1:30 – 4:30

The social graph, virtual currency, digital surveillance, prosumers, IOT, AI, Black mirror. Welcome to the fourth wave.
The rise of digital technology, data visualization and distribution, ‘changes both the things we make and how we use them’ (Sennett, 2008). This tactics research studio will consider the relationship between the digital sensory and material elements of our world and the future implications as we shift into a hybridised landscape of eternal co-presence and new symbiotic relationships between the analogue and digital.
Virality is a propositional design research studio that seeks to explore emerging constructs of multimodal design practice and new processes of making hybrid objects as IOT expands beyond our screens into Omnipresence. Exploring methods of ethnography, action based research, observation and practical experimentation your role as a designer will be to explore and speculate on the concepts of the fourth wave. Employing service design, interface design and user experience and ethnographic methods you will develop scenario designs and short films to explore future narratives and potential ramifications. You will also produce a research report examining industry precedents and key literature critically responding too and situating your research in a context.