Wednesdays, 9.00AM to 1.00 PM

Room: 88.5.6/6A

Did you ever want to know what its like to work as a designer … for real? This studio puts all your skills to the test. See if you’ve got what it takes to make the grade.

JonesChijoff, an industrial design consultancy, are running V.2018 to give students the opportunity to experience what its like to be a consultant running a ‘real world’ design project.

Based on a real Australian design challenge taking place in 2018, V.2018 will take you through all elements of a professional design project.

Not only will your creative idea need to be awesome, you will also learn about what goes on in a design business, like: taking a good brief; dealing with real clients and suppliers; keeping within budget; delivering on time; keeping everyone happy, and maybe making some cash along the way!

What is the V.2018 brief?

‘CLASSIFIED’…be prepared, on March 7th it all begins.

What will V.2018 cover?

The studio will cover all elements of product development from idea through to prototype including liason with suppliers and manufacturers. You will also receive valuable insights from industry experts and advisors through your design project.

Be Warned!

…this is not for the light hearted. You will be running a professional design project so expectations are high.