With Shawn Ashkanasy and Justin Hutchinson

The Urban Commons Living Laboratory is an ongoing experimental studio exploring products and services to reconnect people to food and each other in high density urban environments.

The studio responds to the many challenges associated with high destiny urban living. Namely, smaller footprint living, social connection and engagement, food systems, and transportation.

In this living laboratory, Urban Commons invites design students to explore the food system (production, distribution, consumption, and waste) through the creation and management of food waste.

Food waste is a multi-pronged problem that often falls to the wayside in many food debates. Yet, it forces us to evaluate all aspects of the food system; from our disconnect with food production, to wasteful consumption, and the many problems of landfill and Co2 and CH4 emissions.

Working in groups, students will focus on one area of the food waste problem and explore it through the life cycle of a multi residential development.  The aim is to develop a product or service that revalues food waste.

Students will document their work through a team blog. At the end of semester they will have the chance to present their ideas to industry representatives.

Urban Commons is a cross-disciplinary design consultancy committed to reviving the spirit of the commons in our urban spaces. Designs that focus on people by celebrating the many ways we co-inhabit urban spaces.

Shawn Ashkanasy and Justin Hutchinson launched Urban Commons in October 2011.

To make this happen we apply a unique approach which integrates landscape and product design with communication strategies for commercial, public and residential projects.

These unique elements allows us to create inspiring design solutions that facilitate shared experience, delight, and conviviality – empowering us all to realise healthier and more people-oriented cities that we aspire to live in.