Studio Lead: Robert Eales

image - courtesy of The Friends of The Highline
Urban Garden

Urban Ag for Strange Times is a studio that investigates how we can grow food in small spaces in urban environments. The context for this has been provoked to action by effects of climate change, and social isolation through the pandemic lockdown renewing interest in growing food at home and in urban spaces.

Growing food in cities, towns and urban areas has a long history and the signs of these historical food ‘systems’ are everywhere; including all around us in Melbourne.

You will encounter communities of gardeners in City of Yarra including sites that are collectively organised, school garden programs and small farm gardening. We will also be looking at movements and actions such as guerrilla gardening and permablitz.

This studio will focus on developing your capacity to design with and for edible plants as well as the historical, environmental and social contexts of growing food in urban spaces.

The studio will cover:

  • designing with, and for, plants
  • designing products and infrastructure for growing food in urban spaces
  • an introduction to design for typologies
  • guidelines for your work that include you finding and selecting sites for your design interventions

The outcomes of the studio will be artifacts and visualisations that support Urban Ag programs in the City of Yarra and more broadly in Victoria.

The studio is driven by sustainability principles with low impact materials and reducing negative impacts on the surrounding environment and communities as much as possible.