With Simon Curlis

This studio tutorial is an industry based project collaborating with the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct (AMP), it is the first of a series of Industry Projects to be conducted in this way. The project involves the design development of a range of toys and accessories following the initial creative visualisation of core toys. The toy themes are based around vehicles and accessories for action figures for a boys market.

A full briefing with the client will occur in week 1.

The Studio will be conducted a consultancy based model with client briefing and stages that ensure development aligns with client expectations at every stage. The successful project designers will be asked to join the client company for an internship to develop the final stage of commercial output.

All work within the studio may be taken to market staged over the next few years.

NOTE: Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the project, participating student will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to participate. All studio work will be embargoed for a period of time from public disclosure and Intellectual Property will be assigned to the Industry connections. As such professional conduct will be essential to all participating designers. The Course will be conducted out of the AMP building 55.