Stephen Clune and Simon Lockrey

Ecoville nowcasts “A place where people live and work under the ‘eco’ banner of holistic sustainability”. Focusing on three related themes of food, the household and health. The household will be studied in relation to how we live, our health and wellbeing. The studio develops products that facilitate a reduction in the environmental impacts associated with food, while simultaneously improving health, and reducing food waste.

The studio will study our everyday practices – some practices will be amplified, some modified and others retired through your design solutions. Students participating will be introduced to modes of design inquiry and Design for Sustainability strategies such as Design for Behavioural Change, material selection and Design for Efficiency.

The studio progresses a strategy identified within the Australian Food and Grocery Future of Packaging White Paper developed by the Centre for Design, in understanding food waste to inform better product and packaging design.

The studio is delivered by the Centre for Design and contributes to a global studio run in Canada and New Zealand through Carelton and Lincoln Universities.
Students will also collaborate at key stages with Frank Feltham’s studio ‘Movement Based Interation’.

Centre for Design –