With Gyungju Chyon

Rapid technological development compresses our time and space more and more, resulting in increasingly complex and stressful lives. The Time to Yourself studio reflects on the need in our contemporary lifestyle to recuperate mental and physical well-being.

The studio will investigate how people’s lives are driven and affected by both material
and non-material factors such as technology, success, societal roles, and aging. You will investigate the meaning of ‘happiness’ and ‘well-being’ through short workshops and guest lectures from scientists. Through experiments, you will define the meaning of physical and psychological well-being.

The work must be conscious of its environmental impact and manufacturability. At the same time, your projects will aim for creating a sensory-rich experience and examine meta-physical aspects of the aesthetic value of artifacts.

The design process in the studio is heavily based on hands-on approaches and experiments. Craftsmanship is considered as an important and essential quality for the design process in this studio. Therefore, making is used as a critical thinking process and you are expected to produce a working prototype by the end of the semester.