with Dr Scott Mitchell

Studio: 2018 Sem 1

This studio investigates the body as a site of technological intervention. Looking beyond our current obsession with smart watches and activity trackers, we will imagine a future where computing power is distributed through and across bodies, opening up new lines of communication, representation, aggregation and augmentation.
Your exploration of this field will be supported by a series of creative workshops with contemporary jewellery makers, artists and designers. Building on these experiences you will develop integrated electronic devices that extend and augment the body.
The studio adopts the structure of a ‘Think Tank’; a shared imagining that seeks to cultivate critical discussion and making at an accelerated rate. To assist in this the studio will adopt an open source attitude towards knowledge creation and sharing. You will be encouraged to build on the work of your fellow students and share your findings for further development and iteration.
Experience with microprocessor platforms such as Arduino would be helpful in engaging some aspects of this studio however prior learning is not essential, students with little or no knowledge of electronic systems are welcome.

Hardware for Success: Laptop