When: Mondays 1.30-4.30 & Thursdays 1.30-4.30

Lecturers: Nick Johns, Bonnie So & Dr Liam Fennessy

Partner: Sustainability Victoria

As we watch our household recycling industry falter –  with the local market value of recycled materials collapsing, and off-shore processors refusing to accept our post-consumer packaging waste – we are facing major environmental and resource availability challenges.

These challenges are ultimately design problems, in that the social practices and the waste materials generated through consumption, as well as the co-mingled kerb-side recycling systems that systemically degrade otherwise easily recycled materials are each and all scripted by design. Scripts that can be altered by design, and materials that can be given new value through design.

This studio seeks to activate an R&D environment focussed on new product, process and enterprise development. You will explore, design, prototype and market test high(er) value goods produced entirely from common household recyclable materials. The studio will involve combinations of material processing and manufacturing experimentation, product design, service and systems design, design for sustainability and new business development. The ultimate aim is to generate a range of new enterprise propositions (your future business perhaps) each framed by a viable and valued product, a production process that is scalable, and a new supply chain model that intervenes in the existing recycling system to both reduce the volume of materials entering a failing system and to build new forms of consumer engagement (co-production).