Studio Leader: Dr Juan Sanin

Studio Timetable: Monday 9.30-12:30- 16:30 | Wednesday 13:30 – 16:30

Studio Partners: Peter Mac Cancer Centre and RMIT Policy & Impact Team

The right information, in the right place, at the right moment

This multidisciplinary design studio held in collaboration with the Peter Mac Cancer Centre and RMIT Policy & Impact Team takes on the challenge to imagine what a “Cancer Academy” might be. Using a multiple-stakeholder engagement approach and through a series of co-design activities, students will collaborate with Peter Mac staff and consumers to develop key interventions to improve the delivery of information to patients and carers. Information and understanding are crucial for clinical and non-clinical aspects of treatment and contribute to make the healthcare system more efficient. This studio will explore how can Peter Mac interact with its patients, share with them the most up to date, valuable, reliable and personal information possible, and how this information can be retained and shared by the patient. This will be a landmark studio within the School of Design as it brings together academics and students from different design disciplines to continue our research in the field of Design for Wellbeing. Outcomes of this studio will inform the design of future product-service systems within the Peter Mac Cancer Centre. Students will learn an implement design research methods for conducting ‘real life’ projects aimed at producing knowledge through concrete design interventions.  These methods include a series of co-design tools that will give students important skills for collaborating with industry partners and stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

Note: This studio includes students from industrial design, communication design and digital design. Spaces are limited. The studio will involve off campus activities.