craft of Industrial Design

Studio Leaders: Andrew Louey & Arjun Jayendran

Studio Timetable:
Monday 17:00 – 20:00 and Thursday 17:00 – 20:00

More and more every day we encounter or interact with slickly-designed anodyne products assembled from injection moulded polymers or machined exotic alloys. These goods have become symbols of modern manufacture – precisely identical, flawless, soul-less and devoid of any humanity.

Have we reached an era where as consumers we appreciate more the process of CNC milling rather than the almost forgotten skill of the artisan and his/her craft?

This studio aims to challenge the student designer to matchmake a pre-industrial craft and a modern material or technology harmoniously to create a desirable product. The juxtaposition of woven cane with a polished diecast component, for example, can connect us with the spirit and beauty of the craftsperson’s imperfect endeavour and the unrelenting precision of mass production.

Students will be expected to research a range of appropriate crafts, and where practicable, incorporate the personally-generated component that demonstrates the craft, into their design.