Wednesdays, 5.30 PM to 9.30 PM

Room: 88.5.20/20A

At the surface, the body ornament concerns itself with notions of beautification, self-image & expression, emotional symbolism, social, religious & ethnic identification, familial connectedness etc. The practice of body adornment is deep rooted in human history; a practice which continues to progress & regress in the many evolving, tangible forms of its expression. This studio offers students a platform upon which to explore the body ornament or ‘jewellery’ as it’s referred to in the commercial context.

The studio will be segmented into a dualistic exploration of the body ornament. Fashion industry practitioners will be offering students their insights into the realities, workings and intricacies of the Australian fashion industry. I will also be discussing the commercial realities and challenges of jewellery manufacture for the Australian mass market, fast fashion context.

The second area of exploration will be student driven; in which students will propose, explore and offer a tangible collection of jewels / body ornaments either in line with an industry provided brief, or as a self-driven collection, manifested through the exploration of the body ornament in accordance with one’s own personal sensitivity. Students will be asked to consider surrounding design aspects in the presentation of their collection – some of these considerations may include packaging, installations, branding, a video, catalogue etc.