Lecturer: Brad Marmion

Tuesday 9.30 – 12.30 – Online (V-Practical)
Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 – On Campus 045.01.005A

This studio is an Investigation of digital design solutions for nature inspired and self-sufficient living.  In response to global social changes this studio considers a more contemporary vision of community interaction and independent living by looking to solutions from nature-based permaculture principles integrated with digital technologies. 

The studio integrates digital technology into a more traditional permaculture approach of design by observation of the natural world with 3d scanning and digital mapping to explore form. Results will also consider elements such as responsive sensor integration in how technology can monitor and improve design for food production and living with the natural environment. 

This studio will partner with Yarra Valley Ecoss, a not for profit community organization promoting sustainable living, local food production and community building ventures. Ecoss can offer funded projects such as an indigenous soundscape box which students will have the opportunity to participate in for their final projects if they desire. http://www.ecoss.org.au/about-ecoss/

Students will engage in a combination of physical classes and online learning. Site visits to Ecoss in the Yarra Valley will inspire initial projects in consideration of natural living and community engagement. Students will learn to analyze and measure existing objects with simple tools, photogrammetry and use of a 3d scanner. Students will use this data to reverse engineer existing natural objects within CAD and repurpose them in the theme of biomimicry. At the same time, immerse themselves in growing food to consider how digital technology can measure and compliment natural processes. 

A final outcome will be focused on the students emerging research and may be a physical design object or a digital outcome. Use of home or RMIT workshop facilities will be required to suit these needs.