With Ben Landau, Lucile Sciallano and Hamish Maggs

Semester 1 2018

In this studio, you will explore the fabrication possibilities of printing ceramics using the UR10 robots. This is a relatively new area and you will be working with one of the best proponents of this new practice- Alterfact studio’s Ben Landau and Lucile Sciallano (see https://www.alterfact.net/). Rounding out the teaching team is graduate Hamish Maggs who explored this fabrication system in his 2017 Honours project. Hamish spent countless hours customising both the software and hardware components of this system with the UR10 robots. He will introduce you to the technology, techniques and variables discovered so far.

You will learn how to manipulate the robots safely using software and hardware add-ons. Time permitting you may wish to develop additional add-ons. You will be introduced to specific techniques and variables and then required to experiment and develop your own. You will end the semester with fired ceramic artefact(s) and a book containing an edited version of your research, writing and design process.

You will be required to outlay costs for ceramic clay, firing and book binding.