Industrial Design Tactics
Thursday 2:30pm-5:30pm     
Ana Davila

This course will focus on the research of emotional comfort relationships developed between humans and objects. Techno-Comfort encourages students to explore the way we perceive and interact with the amulets that accompany us through life as buffers for difficult times. Why do we have them? What’s so special about them? What do they mean? 

Traditionally, objects that provide people emotional comfort and relief have been associated with religions, creeds and doctrines. These objects (crucifixes, prayer beads, drums, bowls, dreamcatchers) were produced using traditional manufacturing process and users interact is limited to contemplation, praying or meditation. Nowadays, personal beliefs and faiths are changing, and new spiritual practices and ways of life are on the rise. At the same time, new manufacturing processes and interactive technologies are transforming the emotional interactions we have with objects in everyday life. These transformations create questions, challenges and opportunities for design research and practice: What sort of objects and technologies represent new spiritualities? What type of relationships do people have with these objects? How could interactive technologies be used to create objects that provide people emotional comfort? How can designers facilitate a multi-sensory engagement (texture, smell, sound, light) with these objects?