Lecturers: Dr Malte Wagenfeld & Simone Steel

The SynAestheia designlab investigates the design of objects, systems, environments, experiences and spaces which present the user with a multitude of sensory data; tactile, olfactory, auditory, kinaesthetic and so on, as well as temporal dimensions; to create what may be called a hyper-sensorial design paradigm.

Theme 1: Healthcare – Consider hospital wards and nursing homes, MRI and dialysis machines: beeping noises, fluorescent light, insipid green walls, the smell of antiseptic, steel framed beds, electronic monitoring equipment and the blaring of the omnipresent TV and those crazed voices. How could this make you well? How could the design of 21st century healthcare environments, products and services be different?

Theme 2: Well-being – Consider the spaces you sleep or work in and the things that surround you. Too much screen-time and no-down time, – 24 hour light stimulation and too little natural light, no fresh air – central heating and air-conditioning, piercing wake-up alarms and constant noises; this is making you sick, stressed; causing hyper anxiety? How can you as a designer conceive of the designed world in a different light?