Semester 1, 2010

With simon Curlis

Resolving ways of Living , working and getting around in a post carbon community is a complex and challenging scenario. Suburbs such as Broadmeadows were constructed to service the local manufacturing industry and to house a population with aspirations towards a family a nice house on a ¼ acre block and a new car. We, as designers and citizens, are now faced with resource shortages, population increases and global warming implications that make living harder and cooperation more desirable yet difficult to define…


The Sustainability Think Tank is where you will utilise your skills to create visions that are achievable, radical and beneficial to local community of Broadmeadows. We will consider mobility as a means of developing community, achieving employment and living needs and leisure in a post carbon / post Car community.


This Studio will involve community interactions, Daring vision creation and presentations, Sustainability themes, Social and Technical innovations and Service design proposals.


The studio is being supported by the Victorian Eco Innovation Laboratory (VEIL) and Hume City Council. It is contributing to research in the Global Warming Studio GWS | 355.


DO this studio if you want to do complex and difficult problem solving, scenario building and you want to make a contribution to our community.