Studio Tutors: Dale Hardiman & Adam Lynch of Dowel Jones

Studio Times: Tuesday 6:30pm – 9:30pm & Wednesday 6:30pm – 9:30pm

We began exhibiting and selling work in our second year of university, as we saw the importance of both developing projects for University but also how being active in Melbournes’ design industry as imperative. By the time we reached our third-year, we were close to living entirely off sales made from products we had designed whilst studying.
We’ve self-funded all of our projects, and now sell products worldwide, while also exhibiting in shows and galleries nationally and internationally.

This studio will provide an opportunity to work alongside 2 established designers on developing a product for market, with the intention of entering 2018 competitions and exhibitions whilst building a profile through media and social media. This is an opportunity to work on furniture, lighting or object that could be potentially sold across Australia or worldwide. The challenge is how to work with external manufactuers to ensure quality, quantity and price-point, whilst also creating products of ingenuity and integrity.

Throughout the course of the semester we will invite various designers, journalists, retails and distributors to speak to you about your project and it’s viability.

We will guide you through design as a means of developing independent practice and self-employment.