Yan Huang
The Virgin Galactic project is the first of many companies that will make commercial space travel an imminent reality. In the not too distant future, one can expect to journey to the moon and back in a day.
The space travel capsule studio is an Advanced Design exercise to visualise the human experience when travelling into space in a confine environment. This is an opportunity to widen your imagination, a chance to define what it means to travel to space and explore how environment of spacecraft interior may be designed; it is an exercise on what design can do to improve the travel experience.
The studio will reveal how a well-defined design process can enhance creativity and improve the quality of design solution. The challenge is to create a scenario/story for your space capsule, with emotionally and visually exciting design solutions.

It needs to address the following design issues: Developing design narrative, Spacial styling and form development, ergonomics, human machine interface, user customisation, use of materials, textures and surface treatments, considerations for safety & mass production.
The space travel capsule design is a studio to improve your ability to create visually exciting solutions to a given brief, train your ability to research relevant information, define and refine your brief, identify user requirements and desires, set project objectives, develop and execute a timing plan, create concepts and prototype for final presentation and submission.