Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri Varadarajan is an Associate Professor in Industrial Design, at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia).

“My design approach focuses upon proposing a future that contains preferred/ visionary products and services. I am excited by design projects that focus on the small and big challenges facing humanity. I see design projects as campaigns and so have developed, and therefore teach, the abilities required to prototype design projects within communities. I have taught studios from a range of social, aesthetic and material culture perspectives. In sustainability I focus upon design activism and upon product service systems. I developed my sustainability practice in India where I designed, prototyped and converted my projects into profitable business ventures. In vehicle design I focus upon futuristic visions of sustainable transportation. My current interest is in innovations in healthcare services, where I focus upon de-medicalising and re-contextualizing normal practices to develop new traditions and artefacts in the areas of mental health, obesity, ageing, death, diabetes, maternal health and hearing loss.”