With Simon Curlis & Arthur Georgalas

Studio Timetable:  Wednesday 5.30 pm – 8:30 pm  & Thursday 1.30 pm – 4:30 pm

RMIT is indenting to enter the next World Solar Challenge, traversing Darwin to Adelaide, in a Cruiser Class Car. This Studio is focusing on designing and developing the Design Ecosystem for the Project and creating a visual identity for the Team and Vehicle.

One of the hurdles to Solar Car appeal in the broad community is that the vehicles look either like a science project or a Crude facsimile of a car. Our studio will develop a form design language that elevates concepts of ‘lightness’, ‘high efficiency’ and ‘Lean-ness’ over the predominant Car design inertia towards aggression, performance and luxury as motivations to achieve sales. Form this intention we seek to establish a new desirable aesthetic that promotes less energy use for mobility.

This project is being concurrently developed with RMIT Engineering and the Vehicle Design direction has been defined so our work is in the design and development of Interior experience and the vehicle exterior detail design options and all the peripheral but essential elements involved in a producing a successful Solar Car Team. This includes developing team uniform proposal and a website for chronicling the developments and creating a visual ‘buzz’ suitable for stakeholders and sponsors to get excited about the project and demonstrate RMITs Design capacity.

This intention of this studio is to collectively develop a full-scale Show Car physical and Digital Interactive Display for Open Day 2018. This vehicle will showcase the Design and Engineering development and technology that is being included in the project, assisting in the validation of physical human factors and establishing AR/VR compatibility with the physical structure.

This studio will include sketching, prototyping, CAD, CAM, VR, basically a whole “nerdy” design thing. You will be required to work individually and in groups to develop elements for the Show Car. There are specific deliverable requirements but as a Design Studio we will be agile in adapting to and including changes as the project evolves so your creative, lateral problem solving and general Design skills will be thoroughly engaged to deliver an Industry engaged project by end of the semester.

Note: This Studio is under Social Media embargo all information will be shared through a Team communications process.