Simon is a Research Fellow in the Sustainable Products and Packaging team at the Centre for Design. He has worked as a Product Design Engineer both in Australia and Europe for almost a decade. His work has crossed a large range of industries, including design consultancies, leading commercial interior furniture manufacturers, and multinational appliance companies. The products he has designed have been both ‘small run’ and ‘mass produced’, as his roles have covered all stages of the design process. He has worked with a plethora of materials and processes, in both design and manufacturing environments.  Hi recent design achievements include a 2011 Australian Design Award and Good Design Award (Dyson), 2010 Red Dot Award recipient (Dyson), Dyson DC30/31 handheld vacuums, Dyson dual channel floor tool, and Dyson DC39 ball cylinder vacuum.

He comes to the Centre primarily focused on bringing practical experience to sustainability projects. He aims to engage industry, manufacturers and wider community sectors through research into sustainable product design principles. He will continue to mentor students as he has in prior educational positions.  He continues in a design role as director of Froth Design.
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