Studio Leader: Susan Cohn

Studio timetable: Tuesday 1.30 and Thursday 1.30pm

Industry Partner: Susan Cohn and Workshop 3000

Susan Cohn is an artist jeweller, designer and curator. She is creative director of Workshop 3000, an access metal working workshop based in Melbourne since 1980. Her broad experience of design and making has enabled her to combine traditional craft skills with mass production industrial technologies in jewellery and everyday objects. She is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas. She is best known in design circles for her work with Alessi and is considered to be one of Australia’s leading metal smiths.

In this studio students will explore the idea of ‘containment’. Students will develop artefacts of hand-held metal containers and vessels. Students will explore a range of simple metal fabrication from traditional craft skills to semi mass production techniques for small objects. The emphasis will focus on simple quality production solutions.  Students will learn about the nature of different metals and how material choices define making approaches. After practicing different metal working techniques and finishes, students will use their experience to make a final container for exhibition and presentation.

 These techniques will give students an experience of metal fabrication that can be scaled for future projects. It will complement other metal processes and students may combine the techniques taught with other industrial machine processes and finishes such as the brake press, laser cutting machine, metal spinning, powder coating and anodizing available either through Gossard workshop or out-sourced.

This studio will cost additional funds for materials and firing. Students should expect to outlay $350 for the semester.