Studio Leaders: Dr Judith Glover & Mehrnoush Latifi

Studio timetable: Tuesday 5pm and Wednesday 1.30pm

Industry Partners: Clayworks Australia and Northcote Pottery

Ah…the humble porcelain bowl or cup…or is it? Could you make one? Could you make a thousand? Could you make any money? What else could you design and make if you understood the process—the possibilities of form, ornamentation and decoration not available in any other processes?

This studio will explore the rigors of slip-cast production. Students will learn both the joys, frustrations and possibilities of manufacturing in ceramics. You will learn basic mould making, casting and glazing techniques to produce by the end of semester a batch of products ready for a particular market. The studio will explore how contemporary technology such as cad, CNC and 3-d printing intersects with ancient techniques still in use today. You will learn to work with the ceramics community and industry in Melbourne for contacts, supplies and firing that will make you self-sufficient.

Ceramics…part science, part art, part alchemy…earth, wind, fire and water combine to create some of the most exquisite objects ever created.

This studio will cost additional funds for materials and firing. Students should expect to outlay $300-350 for the semester.