Ryan Pennings is an Industrial Designer from Melbourne, Australia; with an avid interest in 3D printing and algorithmic design. His curiosity in algorithmic design and it’s application to product design is a key focus of his work. Ryan has worked on a number of professional projects, including promotional designs for RMIT University alongside academic research into algorithmic design, robotic fabrication and 3D printing.

Ryan graduated from RMIT University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design(Honours)(first class honours); his experience there and previous work provides him with knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas including 3D printing, digital/advanced manufacturing, robotic fabrication, and product, furniture, and lighting design.

Ryan’s design practice looks to combine parametric, algorithmic and computational design with conventional product design; which has resulted in him producing a range of furniture and products. These products range from algorithmically driven ceramics to robotically 3D printed furniture, and showcase the possibilities that algorithmic design and 3D printing affords designers. He has also worked on a variety of different 3D printing techniques, including food printing in Candy and Chocolate.