with Simon Curlis & Soumtiri Varadarajan

The RE|Design Studio addresses the concerns of a motorcycle company with a proud history & brand identity that is facing increasing pressure in the global market place.In the footsteps of other heritage such as Harley Davidson (USA) or Triumph (UK), we are tasked with visualising the evolution of the brand with Motorcycles that share the DNA of sibling models but introduces genus for future motorcycle generations similar to KTMs recent market ascendancy or BMWs non-conformist innovations & independent thinking. We will address the following Industry brief questions:

• How does a heritage motorcycle company revisit its brand identity?
• How do you redesign a ubiquitous cultural icon without damaging it?
• How should company modernise to make their motorcycles competitive in the global marketplace?
• What opportunities exist in emerging technologies & how can they be used in a brand revitalisation?
• What does an innovative global brand look like & how does this determine the motorcycle styling & appearance?

The challenge is to maintain the integrity of the product identity & create potential for associations in sustainable mobility, emerging production technologies, ITC connectivity & user customisation to extend the product usability & viability
beyond its traditional market.

In this studio you can expect to do the following activities:
• participating in Industry engagement and site visits to develop deep understanding of the Commercial and-production contexts
• Analysing Motorcycle ‘DNA’ and proposing ways of evolving the DNA for future mobility scenarios & user expectations
• Visualising motorcycles, components, aesthetic and styling details as an Advanced Design Practice
• Proposing and visualising new forms and aesthetics generated by new production technologies
• Scanning, Sculpting and Testing Motorcycle components to develop Advanced CAD models for Prototyping and Industry consideration.

The Studio in sem 1 2014 will be conducted from Melbourne, a city featuring Elizabeth Street, the oldest continuously running motorcycle dealer precinct in the world and featuring a complete ecosystem for R&D, design and manufacture of vehicles.
This project is supported by the Car Design Research Network.