Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 11.30-4.00 in B.45

Ronnie Lacham is a lecturer in Industrial Design, a design practitioner and researcher working through various disciplines , with an interest in critical and speculative design. His research designs objects which facilitate poetic meaning and metaphorical values. 

Ronnie has a Bachelor in Industrial Design (Honours), a Masters in Art and Furniture Design, and a Masters in Architecture. His is currently undertaking his PhD. 

He is supervising projects that address new ecological systems which include: design practice in the context of object making and critical thinking, engaging with projects in the field of consumer products, such as furniture and lighting, fashion, and spatial exhibition design. Ronnie is interested in supervising projects that explore ‘Play’ as an approach and method in design practice. It aims to undertake a careful, reflective engagement with a range of design thinking and approaches – to examine and create a dialogue between fiction and reality, irrelevant and substance.