Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 11.30-2.30 in B.45

Rob Eales is a lecturer and designer whose previous work and lecturing includes designing for small-scale machinery for recycling, designing for farming communities, open-source hardware (3D printers) and web design.

Outside of RMIT he is a founding member of Commoners Coop ( ), currently working on low-carbon websites, new tools for letterpress printing and incorporating regenerative1 and commons-based2 approaches into business models.  

He is currently interested in, working on, or researching the ways that designers can develop new approaches, practices, services and products for a future economy that is zero-carbon, fossil-fuel free, circular and regenerative.

Themes of past honours students projects include composite material development, designing farming tools, product service systems, urban infrastucture, open-source hardware, IOT robotics and automotive design.

  1. Regenerative practice – Living and working in a way that leaves the planet in a better state that we find it
  2. A ‘commons’ is a shared resource collectively owned and managed by a community 

Honours Interests

I enjoy working with student designers to develop a strong research base which can be used to generate insights that can then be turned into interesting design projects.  

One project brief is to work on developing new typologies for urban agriculture products and services in Melbourne.  Keyphrases: Urban agriculture interventions, community engagement, site specific codesign, new products and services.  

I am happy working across different fields and themes, see above, though my strengths and interests would be in open-source hardware, circular economy and waste,  3D printing and regenerative practice.