Industrial Design education at RMIT is primarily studio based. Through a  series of studios over successive semesters students develop the ability to do the following:

  1. Develop a problem – brief
  2. Do research focused upon project
  3. Develop a response to a brief – solutions
  4. Visualise solutions as services and artefacts
  5. Demonstrate the viability and efficacy of design responses

Students choose their studios from a range of options offered each semester. Studio offerings have the following orientations:

  1. Service Orientation: Where the focus is upon Sustainability, Social Innovation, Health, Transport, Community Engagement
  2. Technology Orientation: Where the focus is upon Interaction Design, Universal Design/ ergonomics, Manufacture, Technical Innovation
  3. Object Orientation: Where the focus is upon Furniture, and Objects for the home.

Through these studio experiences students devise and undertake a complex design research project in their Honours year – these can be seen here:

See Pathways for more information, or go to RMIT Industrial Design Program.