Lecturer: Tim Denshire-Key 

Tuesday 9.30 – 12.30 – On Campus (045.01.010)
Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 – On Campus (045.01.008)

This studio will explore materials and how they can be used to create public sites of spectacle. How can we design spaces and objects that bring together communities for celebration and enjoyment of culture(s). How do materials inform and effect the experience(s)? How do we design in longevity or reusability into artefacts related to temporary fleeting experiences? 

This studio will be in collaboration with industry partner RISING, a new international art festival to be held in Melbourne later this year.

Beginning with an intensive exploration of the potential of bamboo, students will research and experiment with a range of materials, building up capacity and knowledge along the way. They will be introduced and expected to seek out not only materials but the people connected (makers, suppliers, artists, organisers) After this initial exploration students will then research and prototype concepts for objects to enhance the experience of mass gatherings in post 2020 world.  

This will be a hands-on and active studio. Students will be required to contribute to group projects as well complete rapid prototyping/ fabrication of ideas. They will need to be available for intensive workshop sessions throughout the semester. There will be possible opportunities outside of the class requirements to connect further with industry partners for those interested.