Studio Leaders | Sarah Naarden and Alexi Freeman

Studio Timetable
Monday | 3.30pm – 6.30pm | 45.01.010
Thursday | 11.30 am – 2.30pm | 45.01.010

This studio explores the speculative area of Biodesign through regenerative prototypes to address the challenges of climate change and local waste. This studio aims to recover local waste streams as a resource for new ecologically viable industrial design outcomes and situate them at speculative sites in Fitzroy.

Students will be provided with an overview of key fields including regenerative design, Biodesign and circular systems. The studio will be punctuated with a series of guest lectures from leading design practitioners, researchers and thinkers working within overlapping fields including urban design, landscape, architecture, indigenous place-making, biology, textile and fashion design.

Through a series of co-design workshops, students will develop a community of inquiry around ecological concern. They will cluster around high-impact and emergent themes of interest and collaborate on a series of visual mappings. They will produce a research journal and final artefact the experimenting with industrial design fabrication methods.