Ben Landau

The future of Antarctica is uncertain. Although many nations have signed on to protect it as a continent of peace and science; globalisation, geopolitical arm wrestles, global warming, the race for resources and even ideological battles threaten its present condition.

In this studio, designers will use research to visualise these futures in critical objects, images, and experiences. Design is not just a tool for now, but for jumping into the future. What are the probable, preferable and possible scenarios which could occur, and how can design show these prospects? Antarctica is a clean slate for human inhabitation: it could be a testing ground for new organisations of society, transport, communal living and more. Designs could play off the conditions of the continent, the incessant cold, chilling wind, and complete darkness/light.

Students will complete research tasks on the practice of critical design and future gazing, as well as the site of Antarctica. Their imagination and storytelling capacities will be tested to make prototypes of things the world has not yet seen.

You will learn textual research techniques, presentation skills, storytelling, formatting and layout, speculation and future gazing, prototyping and communication; but most of all the opportunity to develop your identity as a designer in the field or interest which you hold. Students will rapidly test ideas through text, prototypes and images, generating ideas stemming from personal positions inspired by thorough research.