Studio Tutor:  Ronnie Lacham

Studio Timetable:

Monday       | 11:30 AM  – 2:30 PM | 045.01.005C
Wednesday | 11:30 AM  – 2:30 PM | 045.01.005B

This studio is on a rigorous industrial manufacturing process in collaboration with Maynard. The focus of this studio to develop and design of a product for a selected outdoor and indoor space creating a collection of furniture that provides the student with an opportunity to design for their own inner child and create a “poetic” design that everyone could interact with.

Maynard which is a design practice that creates wayfinding, graphics, products and environments for clients in the transport, commercial and urban realm sectors. The studio is a rare opportunity to collaborate with a design consultancy that combines insight, strategy and innovation to deliver exceptional design outcomes for urban, commercial and transport environments