Critical and Creative Concerns

This studio focuses on emerging discourses of creative practice and its intersections with art, sociology, architecture, the sciences and other design and innovation. Undertaking design within a thematically defined proposition, this studio looks at how design might respond to social, technical and methodological issues and opportunities. Past Critical and Creative Concerns studio tutorials include: Time For Yourself, Design as Narrative, Around Sound, How to Make It, Brewing Senses, Synaesthesia, The Body in Design, Intangible Topographies, Evacuate, Container for Living, Exhibition Design and the Expressive Interface.


Design in Industry

Industry partners including product design consultancies and the design studios of manufacturing businesses in Australia and abroad. Students learn how to manage design projects and contribute creatively through design in response to the needs of both the client and the design enterprise. Past Design in Industry studio tutorials include: Eco Moto, Toy Design, Hack Espresso, Swipe and Drive Public Car, Charlwood Design, Share Bike, Soft Machina, Zerocar, Campaign Project, Greenspeed, Knog Design, Buro North, Child’s Play, Inside-Outside of Cars and Transition.


Design in the Research Context

This design studio focuses on design research and converting it into testable and robust design propositions and projects. The studio is conducted in collaboration with industry, community stakeholders and research groups within universities. Project outcomes extend to design and design strategy, sustainability and technical innovation in the domains of the service and manufacturing sectors in Australia and abroad. Past Design in Research Context studio tutorials include: Urban Commons Living Laboratory, Towards Ecoville, Sustainable Vacation, Sustainability Think Tank, Eco innovators, Paperless Schooling, Nextgen, Fifth Goal, Mobility for Humans, Building Community, Tools for Conviviality and This Side of Pinnaroo.


Industrial Design Studio Specialisation

This is the final of the four course offerings in the Upper Pool Studios and is conducted in semester 6 of the Bachelor of Industrial Design Honours program. The specialisation studio provides an opportunity for students to revisit one of the design studios previously undertaken. Students are presented with a range of learning opportunities from which they can choose to develop a specialization.