with Mani Williams

Studio: 2018 Sem 1

This studio will expose you to contemporary data collection and analytic techniques to understand user behaviour, and strategies to integrate them into your design process. The development of our new Building 45 space will be our site, and your fellow students and faculty staff with be our clients. Together they will provide the real world context to ground our exploration.

Apart from the strong emphasis on capture and respond to the voice of the users, this studio has an open brief. By selecting a topic of your interest, whether it is HCI, product design, wayfinding spatial design or service design, this is your chance to actively shape a blank canvas into a vibrant and function design space that we can call “Our Space”.

 Hardware for Success:
  • Laptop
  • Optional data capturing equipment:
    • Single board processing unit: Arduino or RaspberryPi
    • Environmental sensors
    • Image capturing sensors: webcam or camera module
    • iBeacon BLE based tracking sensors (Gimbal beacons or Estimote stickers)
    • MS Kinect


  • Digital modelling platform of your choice
  • Data analytic software: MS Excel, R or Python

Data visualization, simulation and UI design (optional): Processing, MS PowerBI, D3.js