Studio Tutor: Robert Eales,  Arthur Georgalas & Simon Curlis

Studio Timetable: Wednesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm, Thursday 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This year heralds the sunset of Australian automotive mass manufacturing new opportunities emerge for returning localised manufacture. RMIT designers are being called on to participate in a concept vehicle development programme to propose and visualise opportunities for innovation in new vehicles for rural and regional (R&R) production.

Victorias’ R&R population have long been accustomed to fabricating and maintaining their agricultural machinery, the gradual centralisation of industries to urban centres has diminished the opportunities for rural industries to innovate and customise vehicles to local needs and desires.

The OSV project offers an opportunity to address the imbalance and foster localised manufacture of bodywork and utility functions for local requirements.

The project commences with an open sourced vehicle (OSV) platform and redesign to meet the needs of local People and propose new vehicles for emerging services and Energy systems. This studio will engage with design, development and fabrication concepts of Industry 4.0 and emerging technology appropriate for R&R investment.

This studio will be show casing vehicles through sketching, CAD development, Scale models and Virtual Reality. This studio will require field trips and conversations with design and development stakeholders. The studios’ folio will be shared publicly and used for provoking discussion with Victorian government, NGOs and industry Stakeholders. This studio builds on experiences from studios: Footprint Tools , Lean & GreenSwipe & Drive , Design Innovation for Safer Farms