Studio Lead: Ronnie Lacham

Sleek Spoon Image
Sleek Student by Achille Castiglioni

Studio times:
Monday 8:30 – 11:30 &
Thursday 15:30 – 18:30

This studio speculates and discusses the place and role of design in society. The widespread notion of industrial design often presents expensive and decorative objects used as a privilege for privileged consumers in developed countries, or, alternatively, as a sudden venture of capitalist ideology, aimed at persuading consumers to buy things whose value is questionable, and soon tossing and generating waste that destroys the environment.

Design as a social agent capable of activating the user, giving him an identity, creating new paradigms and social categories, and driving social innovation. Objects that Speak introduces the notion that shaped objects not only reflect and present norms and values in culture but, in retrospect, generate human behaviour and produce norms and social values that influence human behaviour.