Led by Ronnie Lacham & Ido Bruno, partnered with Jayco Caravans, Testing Grounds and Interior Design at RMIT

Nomadic Affordances initiate a dialogue between temporary spaces and a life on the move. Student will design temporary and flexible spaces responding to the new demands on urban places, cities, buildings, residences, and small- scale spaces. This studio will design a new ultimate form of freedom; temporary and flexible objects and space. Students will learn how to manage their design project through visionary ways of designing through innovative technology and manufacture.

Studio Nomadic Affordances emphasizes on design process of iterative production. It aims to give students an understanding of the development and craftsmanship of fabrication as well as the array of materials available.

Tooling/fabrication will range from analog to digital. Students will manufacture their design for fabrication.

Nomadic Affordances is a collaborative studio between Interior design & Industrial design students including a week long intensive at Testing Ground with guest lecturer Ido Bruno from Bezalel academy of art and design Jerusalem

Thinking and learning through the scale of the body and the use of the hands to allow for a more tangible experience of the creation of design.


Crossing the Nullabour 2010, Ronnie Lacham



Testing Grounds Site: Simon Curlis