Studio Tutors: Juliette Anich,  Jessica Bird & Soumitri Varadarajan

Studio Timetable:

Wednesday 3.30pm-6.30pm

Plus a week long intensive in week 4 (details to be confirmed)

Note: the studio may occasionally require alternative times for its weekly sessions

Research Partners: Victorian Legal Aid & Centre for Innovative Justice.

This studio is a must for anyone interested in social design, social innovation, change making, service design and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people.

The word justice offer elicits thoughts of crime and punishment. However there’s actually a lot more to the justice system than criminals and victims. Lawyers and courts see thousands of different cases covering all kinds of problems like child neglect, discrimination, family violence, homelessness and family breakdown. The system is under enormous strain and has been designed around institutions rather than users. There is an opportunity to help users and practitioners by bringing design approaches to complement the range of technical skills and experience within the system.

This studio will be run in conjunction with Victorian Legal Aid and supported by the Centre for Innovative Justice. Weekly studios will be held throughout the semester and complimented with a week long intensive to be held in week 4. The structure of the semester will loosely follow an IDEO iterative methodology of inspiration (weeks 1-4), ideation (weeks 5-7), implementation ( weeks 8-12). The final presentation will be held in week 14.

As an active participant in this studio you will be immersed in the complex world of the Victorian justice system through guest lectures, detailed case studies, site visits and rapid real life prototyping.