Studio Tutor: Simon Curlis

Studio Timetable: Monday 13:30- 16:30 | Thursday 13:30 – 16:30

Studio Partners: ATN Universities School of Design Workshops

This Studio is about the digital workflow of vehicles, in particular, we are looking at a new generation of ultra lightweight and energy efficient vehicles.

The digital design ecosystem supports creative visualisation, form development, integration of human factors and OEM components, verification of aerodynamics and structural assumptions during your project development.

You will then refine your project for digital rendering and digital techniques for model making. At the end of the semester, you will have developed a series of digital techniques that are demonstrated through a physical model, digital showcase and report on how you achieved it.

The Studio is about you developing a comprehensive toolkit for complex product design and vehicles that are intelligently developed with aesthetics that will make bogans cry.


Warning: this studio is CAD intensive and will require you to invest time in developing your digital workflow literacy, It will be computer intensive and will require you to spend more screen time than the box set of GOT.

NOTE: being a car nerd isn’t necessarily a benefit here, this is about making car body design for small engined cars. no fossil fuels, no V8s and no mullets.