Studio Tutor:  Tal Mor Sinay

Studio Timetable:
Wednesday 11:30am 2:30pm  045.01.005A
Tuesday        3:30pm 6:30pm  045.01.005A

Objects communicate with us through the memories and values we associate with them. Any object can become a vessel, holding memories and narratives, waiting to unfold.

This studio aims to break through the stereotypes of the souvenirs industry, explore notions of storytelling in design in a critical environment and the idea of creating meaning through a designed object – A SOUVENIR, as well as engaging with the opportunities and limitations of the industry in the context of mass production.

You will engage with the studio’s topic through a hands-on approach, creating both one of a kind objects and end products. This studio will explore the transition from an individual process to working with the industry as an enterprise. You will learn to develop a unique process of design, by working meticulously through the brief, conducting research and creating outcomes, ending up with a real product, ready to continue its life in the world.