Melisa Duque-H is a Colombian Industrial Designer, based in Melbourne since 2010, where she completed her Masters by Research at Monash, which furthered her motivation to continue her design practice towards sustainability.

Melisa is currently a PhD Candidate at the School of Media and Communication, RMIT. Her study takes place at a second-hand charity (op-shop), and proposes a theoretical and practical framework for an ‘Everyday Designing for Revaluing’. Her research approach combines her training as an industrial designer, with an ethnographic engagement. Melisa has presented results of her study in design conferences concerned with ‘waste’, participatory design, and design anthropology.

Aligned with those interests, she is a design researcher in the centres of: Design Future Lab, Design Ethnography Futures, and DERC at RMIT. Melisa is an active researcher in the ongoing project of ‘Future Practices: Spaces of Digital Creation and Social Innovation (D-FUTURE)’ with the research centre Mediacciones based at Barcelona.