Lecturers: Dr Judith Glover and Emma Luke 

Monday: 3.30-6.30 

Thursday: 11.30-2.30 

Mega fires, floods, cyclones, pandemics— 2020 has taught us that we are living through the global paradigm shift that scientist feared was coming. A rapid environmental step change of extremes and monumental scale. If we aren’t safe in the fire and drought prone bush our glittering cities now hotbeds for Covid-19? How do we evolve and adapt to live with this new normal of rapid and unprecedented extremes? What about space? Does humanity have a place there if we can’t adapt? How do we design for the future of extreme environments? Advanced Materiality looks to these future challenges and the potential of industry 4.0 to empower and equip designers for this new reality. The term ‘advanced materials’ refers to the modification of existing materials or the creation of new ones to achieve superior performance. The materials can be structural and functional, inorganic, organic or inorganic-organic hybrids. They can also be classified as soft matter or hard matter depending on their characteristics (RMIT Advanced Materiality). Partnering with researchers from RMITs Wearable and Sensing Network (W+SN) students will learn about Advanced Material Technology and developments such as; device sensors, nano materials, integrated photonics, bio materials and multifunctional textiles; developing high level design language to communicate what these technologies do and applications in which to utilise them. By employing product service system design tools and methodologies students will unpack these complex concepts and technologies and explore real world design challenges and applications. The outcomes of this studio being realised through high quality speculative applications of the technology that provide evocative and empowering propositions for more sustainable ways of living and better ways of adapting to extreme conditions through smarter, more responsive product service systems that react to the changing world around us. https://www.ws-network.com.au/ https://www.rmit.edu.au/research/research-expertise/our-focus/enabling-capability-platforms/advanced-materials