with Dr Scott Mayson

Studio: 2018 Sem 1

Making: VR to Manufacture explores Furniture & Lighting Design through the intersection between new virtual reality tools, VIVE/ Gravity Sketch VR, CAD tools Fusion360Rhino3d & Umake on iOS as well as CNC prototyping Building 45. You will have some access to Scott’s VIVE in class to develop your understanding of these new technologies. From here you will develop an experimental approach to VR design, Furniture, Lighting Design component design & assemblage techniques. Your VR/AR digital outcomes will be refined in Fusion360/Rhino3D and prototyped through Advanced & CNC Manufacturing methods.

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Hardware for success:

CPU – i5-4590 or better & GPU – GTX1060 or better + 8GB RAM or better
HTC VIVE kit $999 AUD
Oculus Rift Kit $591 AUD