Simon Curlis , Robert Eales & Soumitri Varadarajan

Keywords: Public Transport | Transport design | Sustainability | Service Design | App Development | CAD digital Sculpting

Imagine a future where you can get off a train and swipe straight into a ‘metro car’ that takes you to your final destination. This is the future public transport network that extends into Drive yourself Public cars like ‘flexi car’ but dovetails with the “Metro and Myki” of tomorrow. Furthermore the vehicle you will be driving is “carbon negative” through a sustainable grid of renewable energy to power it and removal of Fossil fuelled vehicles in the Metro area. Finally the vehicle you climb into will have your preferences, music and satnav so you get there in a car that feels like your own…

This is the future that we are developing and forming a design team to deliver in an industry Pilot Project for Mahindara Reva who have produced one of the world’s largest electric car fleets, sold in 24 countries and daring to go all electric.

The company has been in conversation with the Car Design Research Network (CDRN) to explore the idea of re-visualizing the Gee Whiz (see images below) as a “public car”.

This studio is an Industry Pilot Project exploring two things:

  • What will the public car or an electric car as public transport look like?
  • What will the Service and App environment of the car be?

We are looking for a Design Dream Team who will work collaboratively to bring this project to an industry enviable state and demonstrate our professional capacity to do ambitious and visionary projects in the studio environment.

We are looking for a team of people who can fill the following roles:

  • Service Designers Visualisers and Documentors
  • App Developers
  • CAD Gurus to do digital sculpting of Interior and Exterior Designs
  • Sketch demons to do rapid quality visualisation of vehicle interior exterior and detailing,

The design team will be lead by Simon and Soumitri with support from CDRN stakehloders

As a team we will deliver a concept design detailing the Product (Vehicle) | Service | System for Mahindra REVA to evaluate.

For a little more insight:

Some previous projects include:


Reva Electric Car 1 REVA NXG 1