Maddison is a recent graduate from Industrial Design here at RMIT. Her honours project explored current patterns and behaviours of throwaway culture, specifically surrounding food. Through extensive research and exploration, Maddison discovered that perceptions of food waste were a root cause for the vast amounts wasted each day by consumers. This project worked to re-define what waste is, by working with wasted food and reconstituting it to become a material of workability, adaptability and transformability, and thus value. To alter these negative perceptions towards waste, Maddison created a series of single-use plates crafted completely from waste lettuce, titled Lettuce Eat. These plates are completely biodegradable and compostable, which makes being green an easy task for any consumer.
Recognised by RMIT on this achievement, Maddison received the Joyce Coffee Women In Design Award and won the Victorian Design Challenge (tertiary category) presented by the NGV. Currently, Maddison is working towards a future where food waste can be observed as a material of value through the commercialisation of Lettuce Eat. Surrounding herself further with all things food waste, Maddison is working as a Freelance Sustainability Design Contractor and a Research Assistant at RMIT on practical projects that aim to reduce food waste through sustainable and well-considered packaging.