Studio Tutor: Arthur Georgalas

Monday 3:30 – 6:30

Thursday 3:30 – 6:30

It is some unknown date in the near (or less than near) future, Climate Change has significantly impacted continents to the point where moving further inland is not an option. Individuals and communities must become Seafaring Climate Refugees.

Students will explore how humans could adapt to living on water, and develop concept vessels capable of sustaining this new way of life.

This new frontier proposes a variety of human centred and sustainable living opportunities which include addressing survival elements such as energy/food production, transport, and navigation.

The scope of this studio is purposefully broad, allowing students to develop concepts for single person crafts, family sized vessels, or even seafaring communities.

The major design outcome of this studio is a fully realised interactive environment, in which a user could become immersed and experience what life will be like when living on water.

Living on Water Key Elements

  • Exploring design opportunities proposed by a conceptual scenario
  • Understanding sustainable living practices and applying them to a survival environment
  • Boat / Vessel design
  • CAD, lots of awesome CAD and working in a digital design space.
  • Creating an immersive interactive experience for presentation

Hardware Requirements

For those who have access to Virtual Reality hardware, we will be able to incorporate VR seamlessly into our workflows, but it isn’t necessary to have access to this equipment.

Autodesk VRED will be a key component of this studio, however, Mac support was discontinued in 2018, and running this early version is likely to provide some conflict with features we are planning to use.

It is highly recommended that any students who only have access to a Mac operating system run a boot camp, which allows installation of Windows OS on Mac hardware (Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant)